The Lake Michigan Mermaid | A Tale in Poems

In “The Lake Michigan Mermaid” a troubled young girl seeks a mythical creature, the spirit of the lake, a beautiful mermaid that she believes lives in our Lake Michigan waters. This is the story of her search, her risk, and the mermaid’s incredible decision as she becomes aware of the girl’s desperate search. The two voices, the mermaid’s and the girl’s, make up the alternating poems of this gripping tale, and were developed in secret over a decade between two poets, Linda Nemec Foster and Anne-Marie Oomen. In this beautifully visualized presentation (illustrated by Meredith Ridl), the poets will read poems interspersed with the story-of- the story to share how it all came to be.





Co-author, Linda Nemec Foster, Anne-Marie Oomen, and illustrator Meridith Ridl: