Post reading thanks!

First of all, the May 8 reading at the Top of the Park, in support of Fresh Food Partnership, was nothing short of amazing.  There are so many just causes in the world that I sometimes worry about how easily we could overlook this basic idea: FRESH food is MOST important to people who rely on food  pantries to support and supplement their nutritional needs.  Fresh, healthy food is the beginning of all good thinking and living and (to me) the beginning of hope for profound change—all that comes from fresh food grown wisely.  And the fact that the farmers get a fair shake in the process—that’s a win-win.   So your presence and generosity in support of that organization fills me up.  Of course, I am also glad you bought books—the other thing that gives me hope! People who read. Yay.

Special thanks to those who purchased the four custom-bound books by Ted Gilmer at Leelanau Trading Company.  (Did you see that gorgeous leather?)  Finally, I wanted to say how much I also appreciated the presence of so many friends from Michigan Writers, Dunes Review, NMC, Old Town Playhouse and the Interlochen community. More thanks to Dianne Navarro, coordinator of the FFP for her amazing organizational skills and to the Turtlenecks for their wonderful music.  Play on, dear friends.  I especially wanted to thank Doug and Anne Stanton from the National Writing Project—see their website—who are making real opportunities for young people through the reading series.

The view at the Top of the Park was lovely, all that water, all that land, but the view of the people who came and helped make a difference is what stays with me.  You’re the best.