I’ve been invited to speak to groups on many literary topics and I serve on panels as both moderator and panelist on such diverse subjects as Writing North, Midwest Writing, Writing True (and lying about it), and Best Writing Practices. I’ve prepared lectures on the following subjects
“A Truer Telling: Revision in Memoir”
“A Sense of Place”
“Sacred Spaces and Writing”
“The Travel Essay”
“An Eye for an I: on Point of View”

Fees for keynotes and panels depend on conference, university, or institution standards.


You can also work with me through the Solstice MFA in Creative Writing at Pine Manor College, one of the best MFA programs in the country. If you haven’t earned your MFA, this is a terrific school to do so and then we get to work together in an institutional context. If an MFA is not your track, you may still attend my craft classes, as well as other instructors’ classes, during residencies in July and January as an outside auditor. This is a wonderful way to “try-on” the Solstice program or simply to enrich your writing practice. Fees are $40.00 per class, located on the campus of Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, MA. Contact Meg Kearney or Beth Grosart at


Want a formal keynote? An informal luncheon talk? A post dinner set-the-tone address? I’m on it. I’ll bring insight, energy, and even humor to your favorite literary topics, or to hot writing topics you want to know about. I offer craft talks, talks about my books, other people’s books, about literary issues (you pick the theme), about the wonder, craziness, and pain of the writer’s journey. I’ve served organizations with such varied keynotes as writing love scenes to writing about 4-H clubs, from grandmother’s to world traveling–or both. Give me a literary focus, and I’ll adapt it to your audience. Tell me how you rock, and I’ll rock with you.


Librarians seeking literary programming have been pleased with my 30 minute power point presentations combined with readings. I can focus on any one of my books—your call. Or talk about a writing topic. This evening program may be combined with a two-hour life writing workshop earlier the same day. This combination offers a rich and convenient way to connect with your patrons, nurture a literary community, and offer a writing opportunity for people who are interested in life writing. Fees $200 for a reading/presentation, $450 for reading and/or presentation and an additional two-hour workshop on Life Writing. Add mileage if library is over fifty miles from Empire. If the invitation means an overnight stay, please arrange to cover accommodations. Note: If your library is underserved or short on funds, please talk to me.


I love book clubs! You are fun and lively readers and you always ask the best questions. If you’d like me to prepare a 15 minute talk on one of my books, give a 10 minute reading, take questions for up to half an hour, then sign books and mingle with your group, I’d welcome your invitation. Fees $100.00 under ten members, $125.00 for 10-15. If I travel more than fifty miles from Empire, I will need mileage. If the invitation means an overnight stay, please arrange to cover accommodations. Maximum 15 people please.


I respond to and support revision through careful, individualized feedback. I do not copy edit. I offer this service only for projects I can authentically assist. If you want to work with me, we would have a twenty minute pro bono conversation to discover if I can properly address your needs. Then we can better establish what might be possible for our work together. Generally speaking, my fees for responding to a manuscript are $75.00/ hour, depending on the complexity of the work.