The Mermaid and the Girl Talk to Each Other: Partnership Writing to Inspire



Linda Nemec Foster and Anne-Marie Oomen (see bios) kept their writing partnership “The Lake Michigan Mermaid” secret for almost ten years before they submitted their book length tale-in- poems for publication. In this presentation, Anne-Marie and Linda read selections from this haunting tale interspersed with what they learned as they responded quietly to each other’s work over the years. They discuss how the Mermaid’s tale evolved from the unique interplay offered by writing with, for, and against a partner. They will speak about how their partnered-writing both grounded and freed them in concrete practice, and they will lead participants in experimenting with brief pieces. Via powerpoint and handouts, they reveal step-by- step opportunities for inspiration in the process. Though they encourage and welcome “pre-paired” participants, attendees need not bring a partner to participate fully. This process can work even if you’ve never before written with someone, and can inspire both prose and poetry writers.

Contact Anne-Marie and Linda for a unique Lake
Michigan Mermaid event: a presentation and reading combined in one day. Come learn the

Length: Variable from 45 to 120 minutes
Age: Upper level high school, college, adults of all ages. Especially appealing for seniors.
Curriculum: Addresses CORE English requirements of…. (need to look this up)
Fees: Honorarium, travel expenses negotiable depending on level/numbers, time, and distance.