Anne-Marie Oomen | equal rights
ANNE-MARIE OOMEN, Award-winning Michigan author, writer, poet, Interlochen Arts Academy, Writing Workshops, Poet in Residence, Writer in Residence, Writing Residence
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Across the Street: Planned Parenthood rally

I have been a long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood, giving regularly and willingly because Planned Parenthood is the single reason I didn’t get pregnant in college.  Because here’s the truth; in the post free-love seventies, I was sexually active. I should say it louder.  I was sexually active.  (Does bolding the letters do it?) Not just active but maybe frenetic. Gosh, I loved sex. To...

Why I’m Going to march in Washington DC

On January 21, the day after the inauguration, I will attend the Women’s March in Washington D.C.  to spend the day walking Independence Avenue with people from all over the country. Simultaneously, marches will occur in major cities all over the country.  Why am I going?  I’m compelled for a myriad of reasons I have been asked to voice here. I will march first because of...